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Around the World Emerald Wooden Box

300 AED
The world is a magical as you allow it to be.

Hospitality Desktop

775 AED
The heart of hospitality is when your guest feel at home, just in front of your desk. روح الضيافة هو أن تشعر عملائك بأنهم في المنزل عندما يزورون مكتبك.

Unique Gift Set

650 AED
Unique Gift for a VIP Customer
Make your customers feel special & choose a gift that shows that you have put some serious thought into finding the perfect gift to say thank you
قدم لعملائك الهدية المميزة والتي تبين مدي إهتمامك بهم و تقديرك لهم

Royal Corporate Gift Box

225 AED
Your Corporate Gift Box
For your VIP gifts, make sure that the box you chose will professionally represent you
مع أي هدية تختارها لعملائك من فئة ال VIP ، تأكد من إختيار العلبة المناسبة التي تمثلك بالشكل اللائق.

World’s Greatest Dad Set

900 AED
Dad, I just can't express my happiness when I am with you
أبي لا أستطيع أن أعبر عن سعادتي وفرحتي وأنت معي

Boss Royal gift box Set

290 AED
No matter what your occasion is, the Royal gift box will be the most touching choice. مهما كانت المناسبة ، علبة الهدايا الرويال بإختيارتها المتعددة ستكون الأكثر تأثيراً.

Granada Royal Silver Set

1,450 AED
Great Leaders don't set out to be a leader, They set out to make a difference.
Set Includes :
Granada VIP Box Royal Silver Fountain Pen Silver Hand Stand Card Holder 20 Business Cards Double Face

Granada Royal Gold Set

1,750 AED
Great leaders don't blame the tools they are given , they work hard to sharpen them.
- Simon Sinek
Set Includes : Granada VIP Box Royal 24K Gold plated Roller Pen Gold Hand Stand Card Holder 20 Business Cards Double Face