The company of Laser Gallery tells the story of a revolutionary change in gift giving. Established in 2005, it was created as a solution for the gap hole in the gift industry as well as a means of modernizing the culture and variety of gifts available. What gap hole? Maybe not entirely noticeable, but the act of buying gifts had become undoubtedly standardized. In the event of celebration most opt for classical items; perfume for the madame, wallet for the brother, watch for the father and so on. Whilst none of these could ever be regarded bad choices as gifts, consider this, how many hundreds of people have given and received that same exact item bought from any of the hundreds of branches of shops available at malls?

So, returning to the solution, Laser Gallery. It offers a wide variety of innovative designs and personalized products, customisable by any mall goer. Working with the advanced laser technology of our machines, the staff have mastered its craftsmanship and can operate the machinery to customize almost anything. Years of study have allowed us to collect and develop a unique, vivacious and exciting library of concepts, items and designs that match the ideal necessity of a gift as well as adding a special quality, a priceless quality. Whether it is an item bought from the collection provided or an item a customer may choose to bring themselves, the customer is given the option to tailor that particular gift for the particular person for the exact event being celebrated. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and so on, forever lovingly inscribed from one person to another to last a lifetime, creating a unique gift for your unique person.

Laser Gallery is driven to provide perfect gifts, this aspiration has paved our path to success today directing us directly towards areas where we may serve as many people as possible. Today, we find success in Dubai Mall, one of the largest and most lavish malls of Dubai acts as a host for us as we continue our journey of revoltionising gift giving and continuing to help make special moments, eternally unforgettable.


Laser Gallery knows only one slogan, Reinventing Gifts. It represents all that the company stands for; developing the standardised classic gifts and providing inventive new designs, revolutionising gifts and contributing unique, expressive products to the market of gifts.

Imagine a perfume bottle. The same perfume bottle thousands before you and thousands after you will buy. Imagine your lover. Now imagine presenting them with an item no one else will ever have, an item that is eternally for them, from you. That standard perfume bottle is now a one-of-a-kind gift, a reinvented gift.

Thousands of our customers have grown appreciate this special quality service we provide. Our ability to make any abundant item, rare, to make any item truly belong to you and only the way you want it, that is what we want to provide to you.

Departments of Service


At our retail shops we offer a wide range of services. On display, most, if not all products can be found, exhibiting our gallery of items, concepts and designs. Ready-to-use laser machinery resides within our retail spaces along with experienced technicians that are fully capable of operating the machines. Laser Gallery Retail is intended to provide a comfortable service for shoppers at the mall and so orders taken are processed on the spot, ready for pick up by customers as they shop. Vice-versa is also an option; shoppers may buy things and bring them to Laser Gallery to have them engraved and personalized for them the day they are bought!


This area of business characterizes the requests of many customers inquiring about private hire, employing Laser Gallery to operate, for any given time, for them. M4U allows us to come to you directly, laser machine and operator included, and operate for you.

M4U Mini

This service acts as a representative of Laser Gallery and the M4U movement that Laser Gallery is capable of. A selection of our vast library is presented to customers through market distributors local to their specifications; so, electronic departments would display, design and engrave mobile covers for example.

M4U Branding

This sector of our services offers the use of our machinery for the benefit of clients and their brands. Allowing them to use the laser technology to engrave their own identity onto products. Many high-end brands have epitomised this service at launching events, where they choose to engrave their brand on whatever product on promotion.

M4U Events

Here, the machinery is also what is on offer. High-end corporate celebrations occur, in which gifts associated with the celebration are given. The presence of the laser machinery not only allows the brands identity to embellish the gifts, but also allows them to personalize each of the gifts for the attendees.

M4U Personalizing

The machinery can also be used for smaller, more intimate gatherings, such as birthdays, anniversary’s and other memorable celebrations, where gift bags are usually given to guests. With laser machinery on hand, however, these intimate gatherings could be easily customisable and eternally memorable.


Quite simply, this area of our business represents the Gifts for you sector. Wanting to provide for high-quality laser engraved items, readily made and available at gift shops where customers can browse for unique, innovative gifts. And whilst printed products have had the reputation of fading over time, our laser engraved gifts add longevity of life to the special gifts waiting to be given to your loved ones.


Whilst much of our work involves the customization and small detailing of gifts to make them unique, Photo for you , P4U, is a step beyond. It allows customers to submit special images, at any of our distributor stands, where the image can be taken and engraved into their choice of product. This allows customers to eternalness not only dates and details, but entire images, for a lifetime to come.


A selection of high quality products to help support any corporation looking for corporate wide uniformity or embellishment alike. Providing detailing products such as name tags and desk titles as well as writing utensils like pens and pencils, all combustible either to the staff member or the corporation itself.


Committed to fulfilling our slogan reinventing gifts .


Franchising your concept and services globally.

Team (to be finalized in discussion)

Laser Gallery is represented by a highly qualified and enthusiastic team, who have dedicated their time to providing revolutionised, innovative and creatively designed gifts.

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